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Dear Folks: November 23, 1986

Dear Folks, It’s late on a Sunday night and I’m too tired to be writing this. I just got back from a trip to Washington, interesting but draining. I came home to find only Dennis here, with a nice pot of lentil soup and a cabbage salad ready for me and the woodstoves all fired up and the chores all done. [...]

Dear Folks: January 27, 2001

Dear Folks, I’m starting this letter late Saturday afternoon, with the last, tragic act of Aida  playing live from the Met on the radio.  Such calm, ethereal love music, sung by two people who have just been entombed together.  Opera is either a real hoot, or a real soul-searer, depending on how deep you let it get into you.  My guard [...]

Dear Folks: December 25, 2000

Dear Folks, Mid Christmas Day, ten degrees outside with a wicked wind swirling the powdery snow up into sparkly, painful blasts. The sparkles are slightly muted because an eclipse is going on, detectable only by the fact that the sunlight is kind of thin and even more unwarming than usual, at this lowest-sun, longest-night time of year. Well, the good news is [...]

Dear Folks: November 26, 2000

Hi, Dear Folks! Sunday after Thanksgiving, all is quiet. Stephen and Kerry are at the dining room table reading the Sunday paper and petting their cats. Baroque music is playing on the radio. Marsha is not back yet from her holiday visit to her mother in New York. Jan is in San Diego with Ellen. Sourdough bread is rising in the [...]

Dear Folks: October 29, 2000

Dear Folks, Such a huge difference around here, from the end of September to the end of October! When I last wrote, everything was green, the gardens were full of flowers, we ran outdoors without putting on a jacket, I was complaining because it was light for only 12 hours a day. Now as I write this there’s a light covering of [...]

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