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The Club of Rome and sustainable development

By Umberto Colombo Accademia  Nazionale  dei Lincei, Rome, Italy Tel.: +39-064744359;  fax: +39-064824111. E-mail address:  umcolombo [at]  (U. Colombo).   Abstract What remains  of The limits  to growth  after 25 years?  What impact  would  it have in the next 25 years? This essays attempts to answer these questions by examining the notions of sustainability  and eco-technologies. Copyright 2000 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.   The first report [...]

Forty Years Later. The Reception of the Limits to Growth in Italy, 1971-1974

Luigi Piccioni1 Dipartimento di Economia e Statistica, Università della Calabria, Ponte Bucci 0C, 87036 Arcavacata di Rende, Italy email: l.piccioni [at]  Read the PDF version of this article   Contents 1.  The planetary success of an unusual work 2.  On the origins of The Limits 3.  Positive opinions and relaunching efforts 4.  Economic discipline, between disorientation and rejection 5.  The Catholic Church, from the initial interest to the clash on [...]

The Unsustainability of Sustainability

By Giorgio Nebbia The following piece was published in Capitalism Nature Socialism, Volume 23, Number 2 (June 21012) The 20th century has been one of hopes and disappointments. The population of the world has increased almost fivefold, which has entailed a tenfold increase in the demand for food, energy, metals, space, housing, and water. There has also been a tenfold increase in [...]

Life Beyond Growth

By Alan AtKisson Alternatives and Complements to GDP-Measured Growth as a Framing Concept for Social Progress 2012 Annual Survey Report of the Institute for Studies in Happiness, Economy, and Society — ISHES (Tokyo, Japan) Table of Contents Preface A Note on Sources and References Introduction Chapter 1: The Historical Foundations of Economic Growth Chapter 2:The Rise (and Possible Future Fall) of the Growth Paradigm Chapter 3: The Building Blocks [...]

Living Planet Report 2012

The Living Planet Report is the world’s leading science-based analysis of Earth’s health and they impacts human activities have on it. Produced by the World Wildlife Fund in collaboration with the Global Footprint Network and the Zoological Society of London, the 2012 report found that the global population is using resources and generating pollution at a rate 52 percent faster than [...]

About DMI

Since its founding in 1996 by environmental leader Donella Meadows, our Institute has been at the forefront of sustainability thinking and training. Our initiatives have addressed economic, environmental, and social challenges from a range of angles and at many levels. In everything we do, the disciplines of systems thinking and organizational learning inform and shape our work. It is this focus on whole-system analysis, combined with careful listening, truth telling, and visioning, that make the Donella Meadows Institute unique among sustainability organizations.  Read More

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